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Bina Saz Abzar

In Binasaz Abzar Co., we produce the Plastic Sterilization Tray in conformity with highest standards of the world and the patterns are based on the most functional sizes of USA pioneer manufacturer of this product.


‏The raw material is exactly the same as what has been used in USA – made product, and purchased from same company. In this regard, there is not even a tiny difference with the US model (in every aspect of dimension & size, weight, quality, heat resistance, crash resistance, and…)

The silicon mate used inside of the tray is durable against the moist heat and shock proof. It prevents corrosion caused by contact of metal instruments in wet environment.


The plastic surgical tray is design and manufactured for steam – autoclaving, but also cold sterilization systems (plasma) and ethylene oxide (gas) is permitted and quite safe.


In the case of sterilization by autoclave, it is guaranteed for 1000 cycles.

Sterilization with dry heat (Hot air oven) is not recommended for this product.